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Because God rewards the risk takers, but only if their tools don't fail them.

Mac Support

Got Macs, but no time to update them? Is your intern the one you "trust" to keep mission critical computers running? We have reasonable rates, and make house calls, too.

Planning and Purchasing

Time to upgrade, but not sure how much computer you need? Want to know if the latest is really the greatest? We can help.


IT professionals need help, too. We help provide additional assistance at rates that won't break the bank.


Coming soon, you impatient scalawags. Check out some of the upcoming topics below.

Archive vs. Backup

What's the difference? Why does your IT dude sigh heavily when he asks you which one you mean? Find out here.

Passwords and Passphrases

Are your passwords still your kids' names mashed together with your birth year? Does your company require new passwords every 30 days, and it makes you break out in hives? And what's a passphrase anyway? Learn more here.

Server vs. Cloud

Your nephew hooked you up with a Dropbox account. Why should you use the company server anymore? Here's why.


Where we started, where we are, and where we're going.

  • 1980-1991

    The Early Years

    From my beginnings as a BASIC programmer on TRS-80 computer terminals to the first Macs I ever used (for scoring music in Finale), computers were always these cool things that allowed me to create even when I didn't know what I was doing.

  • September 1992

    A Whole New World

    I started working in the Music Mac Lab at Northwestern University, as part of my work study award. Troubleshooting for composers and music ed majors was my first taste of the "HOLY S#!T" part of creative work. You're not a real troubleshooter until you've done it with 30 minutes to spare before someone's final project.

  • April 2000

    Transition to Mac Consulting

    The next dozen years or so were spent working for a downtown-based consultancy, racing all over the city to keep people working and deadlines being met. We were bought out, bought ourselves back, and moved into MSPville. Some of the best times of my career.

  • May 2014

    The Kid Gets Out(sourcing)

    Sometimes, you just have to do it yourself. I moved on from the MSP, and started with outsourcing myself to a couple of kick-ass consultancies, helping with business building and Mac consulting while working to build my own company.

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Our Amazing Team

Which is only one, but is supported by many.

Christopher Cole


Our team specializes in Mac OS X, creative applications like Adobe CC and font management, music applications like Logic and Reason, and general networking and Apple hardware and software.

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